Aim high.

First we are experience strategists, then digital and branding designers. Functionality and the ability to create a strong impact are the two core values of our work. We influence people. Both our clients and their clients. The least we can do is to use this power in the most respectful, intelligent and creative way.
Just be prepared. Cause we ask. Then we ask again, design, throw away and then design again. Until we come to that beautiful, amazing moment… when we are absolutely sure that our approach will elevate our client’s product in order to realize its full potential.


Dimitris Kokolakis
Partner, Head of Digital

After leading a financial management career in multinational corporations Dimitris’ interest in communication and his passion for design and motion graphics inspired him to found the MD studio. His management skills and his systematic thinking are invaluable assets to his creativity and design expertise.

Cecil Lacenere
Partner, Head of Creative

Cecil has worked in the advertising sector for 15 years, as an awarded art director in big advertising companies. She has always been enthusiastic about graphic design both for its minimal dimensions and the way it can evolve in various concepts. In 2007, she decided to start her own design co-operations winning the trust of multinational clients.

Thanos Poulakidas
Junior UI/UX designer

Thanos is a junior digital designer with a passion to develop awesome websites. 
His objective is to create and maintain optimally functional websites and applications as tools in achieving client’s mission and vision.


Solutions that bring results

Creative Concepts
Graphic Design, Branding
Concept development on solid grounds is what we would call ‘’behind the scenes’’.
It’s the essence of all the lines forming a logo and of how that evolves beautifully to a brand id. Making good use of all the mediums given the best creative way pays respect to the initial idea either it’s the creation of a unique brochure, or even the motivational graphic design of our client’s offices.
Digital Design

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Content Production
Motion, video Producing, copywriting
Brand name, slogan, title, copy, content. These are five things that will play a significant part in your success. The professional copywriting and content management will strategically assist your identity building, to a contemporary successful brand and express all what you want to say but don’t know how!